Project Kick off in Lithuania

The first face-to-face meeting of the partnership took place on 21-22 June 2022, hosted by Edupro in Šiauliai, Lithuania.

12 delegates representing 6 partner organisations from Lithuania, Spain, Bulgaria, Italy, Latvia, attended the meeting.

The aim of this meeting was to discuss and agree to the project key concepts, lay the groundwork for the project activities, and go through a general overview of the project, its main objectives and results. The quality management plan, exploitation strategy, and a dissemination plan were presented and discussed at the kick off meeting. Some previous homework was also done and presented during the meeting.

The partners clarified the further steps of the project, including the strategies mentioned above and also the management, financial aspects as well as administrative matters and communication rules. Special attention was also given to Result 1 by presenting the competence framework and a template for designing a more comprehensive module. Division of the three main areas of the course (2 modules per area – 1 module per partner) was agreed as follows:

A. Neurodevelopment disorders

  • A1 Open Europe
  • A2 Microkosmos


B Differences in learning processes

  • B2 Kretinga


C Socio-cultural diversity and intercultural relationships

  • C1 Leornardo Da Vinci
  • C2 ZINI Foundation


It was decided to pay special attention to the accessibility of the texts: Microkosmos will make a check-up of the developed materials and 3 teachers from each country will review the modules.

The partners also discussed the further activities, such as adaptation of the materials in partner languages and piloting to be organised by the partner organisations with at least 10 teachers per country providing external evaluation.

In summary, every item on the agenda was discussed and clarified and a future work plan was developed with clearly defined tasks and timelines. The meeting can be rated as very productive and successful.

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