Project Results

Online course – “How to turn diversity into our ally"

How often do you feel you don’t have the tools to deal with differences in learning processes, to neurodevelopmental disorders or to socio-cultural diversity and complexity of intercultural relationship processes in your classrooms?

Toolkit for educators and parents

Have a look at our toolkit full of resources and strategies that will help you detect learning difficulties and socio-affective problems!

In the toolkit, you’ll find existing tools and strategies to help teachers, staff working in schools and any person involved in educational activities with groups of children aged 7-10 be able to detect problems of adaptation, of alienation or even related to the cognitive development of children and be able to address them adequately.

Videos & workshops

Check out our videos to promote cultural diversity, intellectual variability and developmental differences among students.

Partners are working on audio-visual presentations, with story-telling components, that will later one implement in their schools in a workshop format and also mainstreamed with the online video format to audiences outside schools. Both items (the videos and the workshops) will aim to raise awareness about cultural diversity, variability in intellectual capacity and developmental differences among students and to promote their potential as a social inclusion trigger.

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